Always wanted the hill all to yourself? Wapiti Ski Hill is available for rent!

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Trail Maintenance Day! Saturday October 15th 10am to 4pm.


Wapiti Fun Run September 10th

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Wapiti AGM June 21 8PM

Our annual general meeting is set for June 21 at 8pm at the hill. Several volunteer roles are up for election this season, if you are interested in volunteering this year please contact

Update on 2015/16 Season and Hill Status

The Wapiti Ski Club held their monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 26/2016. Thank you to all that attended and continue to dedicate their time volunteering and working towards creating a successful Wapiti Ski Club.
Unfortunately, there is still a very limited amount of snow on our little ski hill and the nature of the snow puts the groomer at risk of damaging the machine. There was a recent attempt to groom the hill and there just isn’t enough snow to safely continue with our grooming efforts. At the summit of the hill there is less than ten inches of packed snow after the groomer made a single pass. At the base there is less than five inches after a single pass. This just does not meet our minimum snow accumulation requirements to safely open as of right now.

Additionally, the electrical inspection that took place this week has revealed the need of an electrical safety circuit to be added to our upgraded VFD. This required upgrade will further delay certification of our lift an additional three to four weeks. This is not good news but please rest assured that every volunteer at Wapiti is working diligently towards completion of this much needed upgrade.

At this time the Wapiti Ski Club would like to thank every volunteer who has unselfishly dedicated their time and effort towards making Wapiti a safe, successful, fun place for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to get involved in our community run, volunteer operated ski hill please feel free to attend one of our monthly meetings. Dates and time will be posted on this site.

Your Wapiti Ski Club Executive Board

Update on opening day

2016 Wapiti Ski Club Opening Information

2015/2016 has been a challenging year for all directors and volunteers at Wapiti. We currently require at least another 18” of snow before we can consider grooming the runs to ensure adequate snow coverage of foliage and terrain hazards. Unfortunately, this has been another lack luster snow year yet again.

We are also in the process of attaining the required permits and authorizations to operate after the avalanche came down in the spring 2014 and contacted the head pulley at tower 10. This has been both labour and time intensive. On top of that Wapiti is undergoing a much needed lift upgrade to make your ride to the top of the hill safer and more efficient. An electrical inspector is schedule to be onsite the last week of January. If all inspections go accordingly we could then and only then start on hill training of staff and employees assuming there is sufficient snow accumulation.

The Wapiti Ski Club executive members would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. Please know all volunteers are doing their due diligence to get the hill up and running for all to enjoy. We are all as keen and eager to get our runs in this year as you are.

Phil Hooper

Opening Day Awaiting Snowfall

Happy New Year to Everybody!

Update on the opening of the hill: There is still not enough snow for Wapiti to open. If and when this changes, details will be posted here and on Facebook. Thank you again for your understanding.

Opening Day Postponed

Hi Everyone!
I know with the snowfall that we’ve had recently and Christmas break upon
us, we’re all looking forward to getting out and doing some skiing at
If all goes well, Wapiti is expecting to open the second week of January.
When more details are known, they’ll be posted here or on Facebook. Thank you everyone for
your patience!

Planned Opening Day Set (Weather Depending)

Opening day is planned for Tuesday, December 29th at 10am. Open 29th to 31st 10am – 4pm and back on regular scheduling after that. Check out our operating calendar closer to our opening day to see what days the hill will be open!

Preseason work party and potluck! Nov 11 from 1-3pm


Wapiti Ski Hill BC Hydro Community Champions Entry Video